Bizarre Foods

We are going to be on TV. See the gang on Bizarre Foods America. We’ll be featured in the Detroit Episode. If you are visiting our site for the first time, welcome. “like” on Facebook because that is where all of the action is.

Upcoming Event: March 24th we will be planting 1,000 trees at Dorais Playground. That’s right one thousand trees as in 1 with three zeros behind it. We’ll be planting trees like a boss.

Other news: We were supposed to build a bobsled run this winter at Dorais Playground but we never received enough snow. We still have an event planned on our calendar to build a bobsled run, but at this point, it looks quite unlikely. Can someone please pray for snow, because I don’t have a lot of bonus points with the man upstairs. Thanks.

Mid-Spring: We will be planting a big garden at Dorais playground. We’ll focus on mechanized farming (no hand-weeding for us) and we’ll try to grow foods that people like to eat. Prepare yourselves mentally for farming in Detroit and come join us when the event is announced.