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Thunderdrome is Coming


Check out these two dudes. On the left you have Alan Schlutow, the owner of On the right you have Andy Didorosi, a local Entrepreneur (and by Entrepreneur I mean this guy can do anything). These two have recently done two things.

1. They saw me struggling to clear the infield and surrounding are of the velodrome so they borrowed a Bobcat with a brushog attachment and ended the conflict with a raw Diesel power.

2. They have decided that the velodrome restoration won’t be complete without some real racing, so they started a racing series called “Thunderdrome”. Thunderdrome will host its first event on Saturday October 16th. The racing will include bicycles, mountain bikes, scooters, mopeds, and even fixed gear bikes. I’ll be there, possibly racing a scooter, and definitely trying to raise some gas money for the Mower Gang. Check out their site at www. Spectating at the ‘drome will be free although you can donate $5 or more and get preferred seating. Either way, there is no excuse for missing this event.

On the 6th of October I am heading out the ‘drome with Andy to see how things are going and to lend a hand. I’ll have my new (to me) John Deere with me, so I’ll be mowing away.

Other News! People Liked Us Enough To Give Us Money!

I created a project. KickStarter is a site where you tell people what you would do with some money and if they like your idea they pledge toward the project. I applied to have our November 6th Maze and Labyrinth project supported by KickStarter members. Guess what? They loved it. We asked for $600 and we’ve raised a little more than that. As of this wirting it is up to $638 and still going. So, we’ll have free donuts and lunch for all volunteers on November 6th! We also have some fans that might attend and use our maze and labyrinth too! Great!

Here is a link to our project.