Here is how to help us:
We understand that the Mower Gang is a local bunch and that if you don’t live near Detroit and you aren’t able to mow grass it isn’t for you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help. Here are two things you can do that make all of the difference.

1. Become a fan of ours on Facebook by liking our Facebook Page.

2. If some company sponsors us, please consider their products over others. Your pledge to do so helps us attract partners that can really help.

That’s it. So, even if you live in Missouri you can still help the mower gang by following us on Facebook, cheering us on, and thanking any companies that sponsor us.

Here is a list of our premium sponsors: - No Joking! Tom, the founder of the gang owns and he has poured thousands of dollars into the Mower Gang to get it going and to keep it running smoothly. Since we aren’t a non-profit and we can’t accept cash donations, Tom uses his own money to pay for lots of stuff.

Craftsman - Have donated thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of tools and equipment that help the Mower Gang do our work.

Past sponsor include: Ryobi has been Tom’s pumpkin carving sponsor and they donated a few trimmers and yard tools to get us started. Husqvarna also donated a bunch of tools during 2013, 2014, and 2015. Thank you, the tools you donated are still working to keep the playgrounds clean! - A local company that offers great bulletproof vests at a cheap price. keeps us safe when we scout parts in rough neighborhoods.

We are seeking other sponsors:
Here are some things that would help us do our work. If you are connected to anyone in these industries and would like to help us, please do.
  • Food and Beer. Especially if you are in the city of Detroit. We would love for someone to FEED US! We seem to always be hungry.
  • Parts for Older Lawn Tractors
  • Trailers so that our members can bring their tractor to events
  • Lawn Care Supplies (blades, trimmer line, etc.)
  • Trash Bags
  • Water / Beverages
  • Gasoline
  • 2-Stroke Oil / Motor Oil
  • Work Clothes, safety glasses, hearing protection
  • Work Boots
  • Replacement swings for swingsets, Playground Mulch, etc.