Mowing The Velodrome - This Friday - 10 AM

My friend Rob and I are going to take the day off on Friday (August 6th) and mow the abandoned Detroit Velodrome. Rob likes bicycles and I like mowing stuff, so we’re going to try to dig the velodrome out of its weedy slumber.

We are also going to be taking some photos of the process. I have a tool sponsor for my pumpkin carving site (Ryobi - They Rock!) and I’m hoping to bring them on board with this site. So, the photos will help them find value in this project.

If you want to stop by and join in on the fun, be sure to bring your mountain bike, minibike, RC car, etc. What fun is rescuing a velodrome if you don’t get to run a few laps.

Here is a picture of the back straightaway.