Urban Exploring

Hi Everyone, It’s Tom here. I did some urban exploring today. I had heard that one of Detroit’s parks used to have a Velodrome in it. A Velodrome is one of those banked tracks that they race bicycles on. Well, having a small-scale racetrack seems like it would be really fun. I decided to find out where it was located.

A quick google search found the Dorais Velodrome. I checked the Satelite photos and found that it still seemed to exist right by 8 mile and Mound Rd. I hopped in my car and headed out.

There sure is a park at that location and only a portion of it is mowed. Getting to the Velodrome was easy, but it is in rough shape. There is tons and tons of vegetation growing through the cracks of the Velodrome. I bet, a brush cutter would be required and even if you finished, it would have to be a mountain bike track. Still, this would be a perfect place for the Mower Gang to visit.

Here are some pictures of the place.

Approaching the track, you can see it is set into the top of a hill.

Here you can see the vegetation growing up through the center of the track and the large bushes and trees that have grown at the base of the banking. They probably grew well there because all of the rainwater runs down to feed them.

This is a photo of the back straightaway. This place is sooo cool.
This picture shows the extreme banking of the corners. It is hard to even stand on the surface. I don’t think my mower could handle it. It would have to be done with a brush cutter or weed whip. Even so, the whole thing is probably less than an acre and could easily be done in a couple of hours.

Let me know what you think. Personally, I would love to go at it and then host some friends to ride around the velodrome on their mountain bikes.