What: The Detroit Mower Gang is a group of people that descend upon the abandoned parks of Detroit and mow them in a furious fit of weed whacking. 

Who: The Detroit Mower Gang is a bunch of do-gooders that refuses to let parkland go to waste. We also refuse to allow bureaucracy and tightened city budgets get in the way of children playing outside. 

Why: Because lawnmowers are cool and fun, Because people need us, Because no one else is going to get the job done. 

You will enjoy joining the Mower Gang if you want to feel the wind in your hair, you like the feeling of a job well done, you enjoy the sound of internal combustion in your ears and the smell of fresh cut grass up your nose. You would enjoy the Mower Gang if you keep seeing riding lawnmowers at yard sales, and you want one, but you live on a small lot. 

When: Every Other Wednesday evening in the Spring/Summer/Fall. See our facebook page for events that are upcoming. 

What Makes A Mower Gang Event Different From a Park Cleanup?: Two things. Fun and Horsepower. A Mower Gang event is one part cleanup effort and one part biker rally. We socialize, compare mowers, talk about modifications, and play games. Recently we have even invented something called grass-surfing. It involves towing an off-road skateboard behind a lawn tractor. Come out and try it! The Mower Gang also uses far more horsepower than a typical park cleanup. We understand that one person with a backpack blower can remove more trash in an hour than 10 volunteers with bags and sticks. A typical lawn tractor has an 18 horsepower engine, 18 horses can do a lot of work! 

How Do I Join: The Detroit Mower Gang is open to anyone. All you have to do is show up to any of our events. If you want to, bring some type of grass annihilation machine with you. If you don’t have a machine, just show up. Craftsman, Husqvarna and Ryobi have all donated a bunch of equipment to the gang (especially Craftsman). You can use them. When you arrive you’ll be given some cool tools to use for the event and you’ll have a great time helping the city. 

To find out what events are going on, check our facebook page and our facebook events. We organize everything through facebook because it is easy and free. 

If you want to contact Tom Nardone, Gang Leader: mowergang@PriveCo.com

The Mower Gang is Sponsored by Vibrators.com because Tom, the mower gang founder (leader?) owns Vibrators.com.

Craftsman is a big sponsor as well. They donated a bunch of tools and equipment to our group to help us out. 

BulletSafe provides some of our gang members with Bulletproof vests to keep us safe.