Riverside Park

When: Our second group mow took place at Riverside Park on August 28th. 

Here are some “before” pictures of the park. The park really needed our help. Riverside park is located in the shadow of the Ambassador bridge, where Grand Boulevard meets the Detroit River. The park offers a great view of the city, open space, a sparse (and needy playground), some shade trees, and plenty of benches to fish from). Riverside park is situated right on the river. It needed some trash cleanup and a good mowing. At 8 acres, it is a great size for us to tear into. We had about 25 gang members and we finished in a about 4 hours and had a great time. 

There is a giant whale sculpture that kids could climb on. It needs some cement work. Matt, one of the members of the mower gang can do this type of thing, he’s pretty smart and he likes kids, so we’ll probably fix it while we mow. Update: Matt and I worked on it before the event. That way, we painted the whale if we have time during our event. 

Here is the new and improved whale. We repaired the concrete structure, improved it to prevent future damage, painted it inside and outside and then spread 20 cubic feet of mulch in and around it to keep the Bum/Urine smell away. Nice work to Doxie and Phoenix for painting the whale. 

Here is the sign and what the park looks like from the base of Grand Boulevard – Before

Here is the same spot afterward. Hey! this actually looks worse! Sure the grass is shorter and the trash is removed, but it has been dry so the grass is brown.

The playground might have been a little worn out, but some of the swings still remained during this photo shoot. 

This is the area where the swings used to be. The city of Detroit removed them by the time we mowed. Too bad, but we had enough work to redo the whale let alone a few swing sets. The gang did mow it nicely and it looked great.

There is quite a bit of trash strewn about. I guess when a park starts to decline people feel don’t have to act like human beings any longer. That’s why we are going to show up, to let people know this kind of crap isn’t acceptable. 

Look at it now. No trash to be seen. Great job gang! Thanks to Lynn, Ann, Ace, Chris, Boo, and all of the other trash removers. We filled 11 trash bags. 

If you want to bring your family down to visit riverside park, here is where to find it. 

Thanks to everyone that helped out with the Riverside Park cleanup and Gang Event. 

Contact: mowergang@priveco.com