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Contact: Tom Nardone – Mower Gang Leader

Hi, I’m Tom Nardone. I like doing things that no one else has the guts to do. I decided to try to form a lawnmower gang for two reasons. 

1. The city of Detroit has playgrounds that aren’t being cared for and kids that want to play on them. 

2. I like machines and equipment and lawn tractors are inexpensive and fun. 

I hope you will join me. Joining a lawnmower gang is fun. We’ll get to run wide open, make noise, modify our machines, run them on public land, race them, and no one can do anything about it. 

What qualifies me to lead a gang? I have no idea, but people seem to like to join in on my projects. These projects are not always successful, but they are always fun. 

If you have ever heard my name before, it was probably around Halloween. A long time ago I created a pumpkin carving website Each year it has gotten bigger and bigger. The last week of October you would think I was a realy celebrity. I jet-set around, doing appearances, limos, green rooms, and TV shows. It’s tons of fun. I’ve even been a guest on Late Night with Conan O’Brien. No Kidding.

I enjoy my work, mainly because I get to express myself and my personality. The small amount of learning and effort required are worth it because those are things I like to do anyway. 

Thanks again for visiting. Every visitor is like a little gift. Sort of like a friend who comes over for a pleasant visit and doesn’t break anything. Of course, I hope you will join the Mower Gang and follow us on Facebook.