Thunderdrome! – Some mower gang members (Andy, Ben, etc.) have decided that the Dorais velodrome that we began uncovering in August would make a great place for a race series. Voila! They created Thunderdrome, a bicycle, mountain bike, moped and scooter racing series. See the website for exact details, but spectating is free of charge! Also, the Mower Gang was there. Gang member Matt raced in the moped and bike classes, while Tom (that’s me) took a hard-fought second place in the scooter class. Everyone had lots of fun and we are looking forward to helping put on Thunderdrome events in the future. 

Here is picture of Tom just after his scooter race concluded. 

Here is Guy in the mountain bike race.



Random pictures of the crowd at the Thunderdrome. It really was a great event and we were really proud of how our efforts to restore the track had paid off.